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There are not enough Mentors for all the young people who are interested in gaining basic technical literacy skills. An "hour of code" is not enough for any child, and it is certainly not enough to help local communities compete in a world with increasing technical complexity. More is needed, and people with basic technical skills and a willingness to volunteer time are in high demand. We have waiting lists at events all over the country to prove our point.

CoderDojoUSA represents an independent community platform made accessible to any community leader wishing to collaborate while maintaining independence of effort at the same time. It is supported by OYOclass.com. Find out how you can put it to use in your community today.

Not all dojos are the same... methods matter, leadership is localized and Individuals make a difference in young people's lives. Want to access leading methods and bring the best education possible to your kid and community? We do too... and we are bringing an advanced experience to innovative leaders and educators of all types!

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